How the Magic Happens

Discovery session

This confidential session is designed for us to gain a complete understanding of you, your business and specifically what you are wanting to achieve. We will look at your ideal customer, what they want, your products and how they're best delivered. So don't be shy! It's important that you share as much as you can with us, because the more we know, the better the outcome can be. 

The Prototype & Sitemap

We prefer to be upfront and show you exactly what we can do for you, straight up from the get go. So we create a website Sitemap - a basic structure of your new site. Plus, an interactive prototype of what your website could look like. It won't have your products, images or text in it but you'll get the idea.

Design, Build, Content

This is where we both get to roll up our sleeves and play in the sandpit. While we complete the design of the front end and the complicated functionality of the back-end of your new website. From you, we will need your images, products, and text to make your site all yours. Don't worry though, we have a process in place to make that easy as too.

Website Launch

Once all the content and design is in place we then take your site through our comprehensive 51 point Go Live checklist to make sure that all the features and functionality are working correctly. Once it has the tick of approval, your new website is launched onto the web and you can begin to use it to promote the heck out of your business..

Care Plan

The final step, that we feel is the most important, is what happens after your site goes live. Most web designers have vanished by this stage but because we are passionate about keeping your website performing at it's best. We have a number of Care Plans to ensure your website is always well tuned.