Getting Started

You Have An Established Business

You have an audience of either a database full of leads or a social media following on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram. You have a clearly defined product and some sales under your belt, or you are at least willing to do the work to create these, and quickly. 

You really do want a website

You understand how important a website is to the success of your business and it's not just a 'fun idea of the moment'. Or you are at least open to learning the importance and will prioritize this project accordingly. I don't have time, just wont cut the mustard here.

You Are Willing To Do Some Work

Yes, we design and build your site for you and will be doing the majority of the work but there are still certain elements that we will need from you, and only you can provide them. We need to know that you will provide what we need in a timely manner and won't leave us hanging/waiting.

You'll give us honest feedback

We are not Jedi mind readers. Therefore, we need you to tell us if you want something done differently or don't like an element of what we have created. Otherwise, we can't fix it for you, nor can you complain if it's not done, if you haven't told us about it.ere.

You have a dedicated budget

If you have a clearly defined budget for this project then we can work with that to create as much value for your business as possible but if you are a bit wishy washy about it, then we can't give you what you need because there are no defined boundaries for us to work within.

You have realistic business goals

Without having clear business goals, your website will have no direction. A bit like a ship without a compass, you will end up where ever the wind takes you. If you don't have clearly defined goals or you aren't prepared to work with us to define them, then please come back when you do.

You will listen to advice

Don't forget, you chose us to create this website and strategy for you, as the experts in the field, with the runs on the board. If you aren't willing to trust your decision, and our experience, then please do us both a favour and don't take this any further. y. 

You get it that a website can't look after itself

You may not understand what goes on in the background to keep your site running and secure but you realise that any well oiled machine needs regular maintenance to keep it at it's best.